The Lord’s Prayer: Thy Will Be Done

The church today has little knowledge of the power, purpose and potential found within one of the most well-known of all prayers, the “Lord’s Prayer.” A profound prayer that can be uttered in just 30 seconds and yet it can revolutionize every aspect of your life. Inside the Lord’s Prayer you will find the totality of every Bible principle released so that heaven can intervene on your behalf.

The power of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer has the potential to turn the nations of the world back to a state of righteousness, back to a place where God is feared and not mocked. His name is not taken in vain. He is high and lifted up and His name is exalted. This is no longer an option in our modern society!

But beware! You cannot say, “Thy will be done,” and then disobey the Word of God! The Word of God and the will of God are synonymous, never separated.

We must return to a state of righteousness or suffer the consequences of our foolish choices. If we turn our backs on God, He will have no choice but to turn His back on us. We serve a covenant God who is full of truth and life.

God is in control

What’s the difference between His perfect will and His permissive will? The perfect will of God is to fulfill the exact purpose for which God created you. His permissive will is what He will allow. God really is serious about being first in our lives. God gave us free will, but the limits of God’s permissive will kick in when we continually disobey!

I assure you that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He will have the last word!

No matter how much turmoil you see on the news at night, God is still in charge. He is in complete control. And He is deliriously ecstatic about what your future holds as a child of the living God!

But understand this! You will never accomplish God’s highest will for your life until you are able to pray with absolute sincerity, “Thy will be done.”

Are you following God’s will for your life?

What is God’s will for your personal life? Would you like to find out how to live within His perfect will?

If you’re not following His will for your life, you’re in rebellion against God. When you’re in rebellion against Him, His favor will not rest upon you. Everyone wants the favor of God in their life, but do you want it badly enough to be obedient?

The prayer “Thy will be done” crucifies the false god of self and glorifies God the Father.

Would you like to know the secrets found within God’s Word for absolute success? Here it is in one sentence:

Find out what God wants you to do, and do that.

Don’t deviate from His plan for your life; just continue putting one foot in front of the other each day until He directs you down a different pathway. Your life will never be filled with more joy (no matter how wonderful, chaotic or painful), than when you are following God’s lead.

Your divine destiny awaits inside God’s perfect will for your life!

I’ll be teaching The Power of the Lord’s Prayer in greater depth at our upcoming Prophecy Conference in London this June. Watch this video and learn more about our London Prophecy Conference!

Will you join us for this powerful event? Call 01793 862 146 or register online!

– Pastor John Hagee


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